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Bridgett M. Gaines, MPT, owner/therapist, brings to her practice a well-rounded complement of integrative medicine, functional medicine, and traditional physical therapy. More than 30 years of intensive training in manual techniques and modalities, combined with a holistic philosophy drives Bridgett to identify the true source of pain, disability by treating the whole body. Bridgett thrives on the challenge of the multi-complex issues our veterans and seniors bring to her; as well as those recovering from joint replacement surgeries; weekend warrior injuries; everyday life aches and pains. What makes Bridgett different: 30 years’ experience, one on one, hands-on care, 3 thousand+ hours of continuing education to improve patients’ results, dedication to each (of my) patients, expertise at complex issues. You will get touched by another human being with compassion, nurturing and care.


Cochise County and

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Physical Therapy Benson AZ

Bridgett Gaines
Physical Therapist

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and from a young age have been told I have an 'intuitive touch'. I am an out of the box thinker. I enjoy the puzzles the body presents, figuring out its hidden connections that lead to a person's discomfort. There are messages and hints the body puts out that lead to the understanding of the entanglement of issues that are often symptomatic in one location and source in a very different location than suspected. I enjoy the journey, the challenge and the discovery. I love connecting with people, connecting with their bodies and bringing them back together. My priority is people. I love my work.

I love to learn, the more I learn the more I realize how much there is to know!

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  • Physical Therapy Benson AZ

    I couldn't believe it! It felt like she had done nothing and my pain from polio was gone. Can you do nothing again? I've gone to so many doctors, even had surgery without getting rid of this. Bridgett got to the root of the problem! She really listened to me!…

    Dorothy M..

  • Physical Therapy Benson AZ

    I want to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our rehabilitation team and patients. Your energy, knowledge, and willingness to help others are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support during this transition. You are a Rock Star!!!…

    Karen T.

  • Physical Therapy Benson AZ

    Bridgett is very knowledgeable and experienced and has a very positive attitude. She is very encouraging and motivating and suggests practical exercises to allow you to work on daily, to strengthen your muscles and allow you to walk normally. I would highly recommend her as a physical therapist.…

    Horst K.

  • Physical Therapy Benson AZ

    I had a pinched nerve at L5 and had no treatment for this for 16 months. After the first treatment, I had relief from the pain that I suffered every day of those 16 months. The pinched nerve also caused my right foot to go numb, and the great toe was affected. I have gotten relief in those areas also. To me, it's a miracle.…

    Daniel R.

  • Physical Therapy Benson AZ

    I just wanted to mention a few other symptoms that seemed positive. Aside from feeling extra tired and having to sleep more during the day, I am sleeping better at night and when I wake up from naps and in the morning my head feels clearer and my emotions more positive. It makes me hopeful that we can make some real progress with FSM.…

    Jim R.

  • Physical Therapy Benson AZ

    Since I have been seeing Bridget I have never felt better.…

    M. Smith

  • Physical Therapy Benson AZ

    She quickly got rid of my problem and then helped me learn how to keep it away.…