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"After 6 months of Drs, Neurologist, MRI's and CT Scans Miss Bridget was recommended. Probably the best recommendation I've ever received. Within weeks I the constant pain in my shoulder was gone and I didn't feel like beating up the entire world. DO NOT hesitate to give her a call. "
Aug 30, 2022
"Bridgett came to my house and worked with my mother-in-law for several weeks. Her kindness, professionalism, and skills were much appreciated. She gave my mother-in-law hope in the final weeks of her life. Bridgett also came on a Saturday to teach my husband and I how best to help her. She was amazing."
Aug 26, 2020
"Amazing Staff and Amazing treatment. Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) Therapy is a Must. Greatest therapy I've had in 20 yrs. "
Aug 21, 2020
"Starting in 2015 after 4 weeks in two different hospitals, I began my slow and arduous journey of recovery. The journey included multiple professionals of different specialties with varying degrees of success. My hope for improvement was struggling. Starting in December of 2019 I was blessed to experience the expertise of Bridgett Gaines, RPT. She possesses a vast knowledge of multiple therapies and treatments, as well as, being very professional, sensitive and intuitive. She is teaching me, guiding me and treating the “whole” me. There has been noted improvement in my neurological and orthopedic status in a few short months. Bridgett has multiple talents and skills and I am grateful (as are so many others), to experience her gifts. "
May 05, 2020
Kevin S.

I was having neck and lower back pain so frequently in my neck it was causing headaches, lack of sleep; I was just miserable. The VA sent me to Bridgett Gaines PT, an FSM practitioner. I had never heard of this before but after dealing with the pain for a very long time I’d try it! I was very skeptical at first, but after a few sessions I wasn’t getting frequent headaches anymore and I was sleeping better.

Whatever it is she does with her hands and fingers, working the scar tissue and nerve points, etc. is working! Bridgett is very knowledgeable and good at what she does; she is easy to talk to, and very understanding. I would recommend anyone who’s going through something similar, to at least give this a try; if it's working for me it might just work for you too. Also, this is only after a few sessions. Now, this story is mostly about my neck and I did mention lower back pain, we are working slowly into that. I hope to have an update for that soon. Thank you, Bridgett!

Kevin S.

I came in for a pinched nerve (all military related). I have suffered with complete numbness along with burning in my right side with prominent discomfort in the neck, hip and calf areas. I still cannot complete even light yard work without falling. While I still experience pain, the treatments I receive allow for the return of sensation for about a day or two. This has allowed me to shower, do dishes and light housework a lot more often than before.

Preston W.

I've been seriously compromised for over twenty years with pain, immobility, and low functioning from a number of maladies. Bridgett has addressed many of my concerns through her expert fascia work and the FSM machine. The latter has been a very powerful modality and often causes detox for me that lasts a day or two after each session. I don't feel we've been able to fully utilize its potential, which seems significant from the 10 or so treatments I've had. And now, unfortunately, we are moving away. I believe that the combination of Bridgett's capable hands-on work and the FSM program are very well matched to bring out the best in both modalities. I have made some definite progress in all the areas mentioned above, as well as neurological dysfunction. Bridgett is a highly skilled therapist who knows how to personalize treatments to individual needs. Plus, she's a wonderful human being! Therefore, I can highly recommend her practice to address a very broad array of physical and neurological problems.

Jim R.

I came to see Bridgett initially because of right arm pain due to tendonitis in my shoulder. I had also fallen on my right side and had trauma to my face and right arm. She worked on alleviating the pain and bruising from the fall at first. Then she helped with the arm pain, and also my replaced knee which was causing discomfort.

Since I am a winter visitor, we were unable to complete therapy, but I am experiencing relief due to her assistance. Thank you, Bridgett!!

Patricia P.

I came here with a broken right arm. I was in a lot of pain and I could not lift my arm more than chest high. I got a lot of relief from my pain especially when sleeping. I am now able to sleep through the whole night without pain. I can also lift my arm to about my head.

I can lift things but nothing heavy.

Bessie C.

Since I have been seeing Bridget I have never felt better.

M. Smith

She quickly got rid of my problem and then helped me learn how to keep it away.


Her hands on your body are like a musician playing his instrument.


I couldn’t believe it! It felt like she had done nothing and my pain from polio was gone. Can you do nothing again? I've gone to so many doctors, even had surgery without getting rid of this. Bridgett got to the root of the problem! She really listened to me!

Dorothy M.

I've never had therapy like this before!

Richard B.

She didn't give up on me!

Catie A.

Bridgett, I want to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our rehabilitation team and patients. Your energy, knowledge, and willingness to help others are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support during this transition. You are a Rock Star!!!

Karen T.

I would highly recommend Bridgett as a personal physical therapist.

Following my orthopedic doctor’s prescription, Bridgett came to my home, and immediately diagnosed the care and activity I needed, following my pelvis operation, to allow me to walk normally again.

Bridgett is very knowledgeable and experienced and has a very positive attitude. She is very encouraging and motivating and suggests practical exercises to allow you to work on daily, to strengthen your muscles and allow you to walk normally.

I was in a wheelchair when we first met, and after she diagnosed my condition, she encouraged me to lift myself out of the chair, if possible and starting using a walker to strengthen my legs. She walked around our house with me, to look for practical exercises I could work on. She then gave me pictures of these exercises like toe lifts, squats, leg lifts, etc. which I could practice between her regular visits with me.

Each visit allowed me to become progressively stronger. I looked forward to Bridgett’s visits and knew I was getting better every week.

It was a joy to work with Bridgett, and I would highly recommend her as a physical therapist.

Horst K.

I came to Gaines P.T. with a pinched nerve at L5 and had no treatment for this for 16 months. After the first treatment, I had relief from the pain that I suffered every day of those 16 months. The pinched nerve also caused my right foot to go numb, and the great toe was affected. I have gotten relief in those areas also. To me, it's a miracle.

Daniel R.

Hi Bridgette, I just wanted to mention a few other symptoms that seemed positive. Aside from feeling extra tired and having to sleep more during the day, I am sleeping better at night and when I wake up from naps and in the morning my head feels clearer and my emotions more positive. It makes me hopeful that we can make some real progress with FSM.

Jim R.